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About Credo

The inspiration and direction for Credo started from a simple enough idea, where do we talk about money? It’s odd. Money is something that everyone has in common. Something you could discuss with just about anyone and they would understand. Yet it’s not something we talk about. That needs to change.

The community started simple enough, a group chat. Invite a few people that were investing and let them start talking. That turned into a few more people, and started to grow. It was clear that a community like this was needed and beneficial to everyone. A place to talk and learn about money.

Credo is the next evolution of the simple group chat. A platform for discussion, education, and knowledge for others to learn through activity about money. Our content and ideas are shared freely. We are taking the principals of open source software and applying them to finance.

Our Team

  • Boubacar Barry

    Chief Investment Officer

    Long term investor with focus on ETF and Blue Chip stocks
  • Neal Collins

    Chief Crypto Officer

    Investing and learning in all things Crypto, NFTs, and Blockchain
  • Stephen Woicik

    Chief Technology Officer

    An investor with a heavy focus on technology and growth stocks